José Carlos Del Grande

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Abdominal procedures have been performed for a long time through the anterior abdominal wall. Since the first reports in the 1980s, laparoscopy has become the standard for cholecystectomy, with many advantages over open procedures. Now a natural-orifice approach to the peritoneal cavity may further reduce the invasiveness of surgery by either diminishing or(More)
A case of inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of the larynx in a 74-year old man is reported. The lesion presented as a polypoid tumour arising in the left true vocal fold. The patient died of non-tumour-related causes and the autopsy showed persistence of the laryngeal tumour. Multicentricity and distant metastases were not detected. The literature about(More)
Dieulafoy lesion is characterized by exteriorization of a large pulsatile arterial vessel through a minimal mucosal tear surrounded by normal mucosa, causing massive and recurrent upper digestive bleeding in previously healthy patients. More frequently presented than diagnosed, with the increase of its knowledge among endoscopists, a large number of cases(More)
Although Chagas' disease esophagopaty and idiopathic (primary) achalasia share several similarities, however, some differences between the two diseases have been noticed. To evaluate if treatment options and their results can be accepted universally, the authors review characteristics of both diseases in the international and Latin American literature.(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate short results after fundoplication procedure, concerning the division of short gastric vessels. METHODS A prospective randomization of 90 patients with indication for hiatoplasty and total fundoplication with fundus mobilization was performed. They were divided into two groups: no SGV division (group A, n= 46) and with SGV division (Group(More)
It is conceivable that a stable ultrasound contrast agent could be used for reproducible right and left heart echocardiography and myocardial visualization after intravenous injection. Microparticles from different polymers and preparation procedures were screened in six dogs leading to one superior agent with reproducible high quality echo contrast in(More)
Short esophagus is defined as the inability to reduce the gastroesophageal junction below the diaphragm. One of the factors responsible for this inability can be inadequate esophageal mobilization. We evaluated esophageal lengthening achieved by means of dissection in a cadaveric model. Fifty-one cadavers were dissected (27 transthoracically and 24(More)
The renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and the acidification capacity of the renal tubule were studied in 13 diabetic patients with chronic renal failure. As a whole, the group showed hyporeninaemic hypoaldosteronism (HH). Studied alone, 12 of the 13 patients presented the requirements for HH. This group showed hypercholaemic hyperkalaemic metabolic(More)
Fernando Augusto Mardiros Herbella†, Nelson Eduardo Acebey, Edson T Yanagita & José Carlos Del Grande †Author for correspondence University of California, San Francisco, Department of Surgery, 400 Parnassus Avenue, Room A6103, Box 0310, San Francisco, CA 94143-0310, USA Tel.: +1 415 353 2396 Fax: +1 415 353 2973 Esophagus and Stomach Division, Department of(More)