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CONTEXT There is no adequate preoperative method for differentiating between benign and malignant pelvic masses. Evaluations of CA 125 serum levels, ultrasonography findings and menstrual state have been tested in isolation as diagnostic methods. The evaluation of these three methods in association with each other could improve diagnostic performance. (More)
Novos derivados do lapachol 2, nor-lapachol 3 e da lausona 4 foram sintetizados através do deslocamento nucleofílico das metoxinaftoquinonas 2a, 3a e 4a pela poliamina (PA) N-BocN-Bn-espermidina 1a. Os produtos, 2b, 3b e 4b, respectivamente, foram obtidos em bons rendimentos e caracterizados por métodos espectroscópicos e analíticos. Os ensaios preliminares(More)
A series of novel substituted isatin ribonucleosides 3b-3f were synthesized in good yields by a TMSOTf catalysed coupling reaction between the silylated nitrogenated base (1b-1f) and 1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-beta-D-ribofuranose (2). Isatin nucleoside 3a previously reported was also prepared using this method giving high yield. From the compounds(More)
In the title compound, C(7)H(7)IN(2)O(2), the O atoms of the nitro group are disordered over two sets of sites and there is evidence that the intramolecular I...nitro interaction is repulsive. In the crystal structure, there are neither strong hydrogen bonds, nor intermolecular I...nitro interactions, nor aromatic pi-pi-stacking interactions.
In the triclinic polymorph of 2-iodo-4-nitroaniline, C(6)H(5)IN(2)O(2), space group P-1, the molecules are linked by paired N-H...O hydrogen bonds into C(8)[R(2)(2)(6)] chains of rings. These chains are linked into sheets by nitro...I interactions, and the sheets are pairwise linked by aromatic pi-pi-stacking interactions. In the orthorhombic polymorph,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the neoplastic invasion of superficial and deep inguinal lymph nodes of women with invasive vulvar squamous carcinoma smaller than 5 centimeters with a clinically normal inguinal region. METHODS the medical records of 59 women cared at the State University of Campinas with invasive vulvar squamous carcinoma T1 and T2 and who presented(More)
The pyrrolo[3,2,1-de]phenanthridine skeleton has been found in a large number of natural products from the plants of almost all of the genera of the family Amaryllidaceae. Examples of these compounds include assoanine1 (1), oxoassoanine2 (2), hippadine3 (3) and ungeremine4 (4) amongst others5. These compounds (Figure 1) are of interest as synthetic targets(More)
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