José Capmany

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Venue ECoC 2015 will be held in the Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Centre (CCE). The CEE is a 7.4 km drive (11 minutes approx.) from Manises Airport and is connected to Valencia downtown by underground lines 1 and 4 and by bus line 62. Valencia is connected daily with Madrid via high-speed train line in less than 1 hr 40 mins each way, and with(More)
Microwave Photonics, a symbiotic field of research that brings together the worlds of optics and radio frequency is currently facing several challenges in its transition from a niche to a truly widespread technology essential to support the ever-increasing values for speed, bandwidth, processing capability and dynamic range that will be required in next(More)
The authors present a review on the recent approaches proposed to implement transversal RF filters. Different tunable transversal filters consisting of wavelength tunable optical taps and those employing the tunability of dispersive devices are presented showing their high-performance characteristics. A comprehensive review of the fundamentals and a(More)
An optical true time delay line (OTTDL) is a basic photonic building block that enables many microwave photonic and optical processing operations. The conventional design for an integrated OTTDL that is based on spatial diversity uses a length-variable waveguide array to create the optical time delays, which can introduce complexities in the integrated(More)
We present a novel bidirectional WDM-based optical access network featuring reconfigurable capacity assignment. The architecture relies on the PolMUX technique allowing a compact, flexible, and bandwidth-efficient router in addition to source-free ONUs and color-less ONUs for cost/complexity minimization. Moreover, the centralized architecture contemplates(More)
A system to interrogate photonic sensors based on long weak fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) is presented and experimentally demonstrated, dedicated to measure the precise location of several spot events. The principle of operation is based on a technique used to analyze microwave photonics (MWP) filters. The long weak FBGs are used as quasi-distributed sensors.(More)
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