José Capela Dias

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Route planning devices have become a ubiquitous system on our lives. However, they are not normally used when travelling inside a city since the system is unaware of city’s transit. Although, there are some systems that are aware of transit, many follow a reactive approach, thus only re-routing drivers after a traffic jam occurs. In this paper, we propose(More)
With an ever increasing number of vehicles traveling the roads, traffic problems such as congestions and increased travel times became a hot topic in the research community, and several approaches have been proposed to improve the performance of the traffic networks. This paper introduces the Inverted Ant Colony Optimization (IACO) algorithm, a variation of(More)
The ever increasing world population, added to the always present need of human transportation, makes road traffic in the big cities a huge and urgent issue, and, consequently, the target of substantial investigation. This paper introduces the first task of a larger project called COSMO. Using the city of Coimbra as the base, the goal of this project is to(More)
Nowadays, simulation of urban transit is an important task for major decisions in urban planning. However, current state-of-theart simulation frameworks do not model the driver's particular behavior or approach such task in very simplistic ways. This paper tries to overcome this limitation by introducing a set of features to reproduce several aspects of a(More)
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