José Candelario Segura Correa

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Data normalization is a key step in gene expression analysis by qPCR. Endogenous control genes are used to estimate variations and experimental errors occurring during sample preparation and expression measurements. However, the transcription level of the most commonly used reference genes can vary considerably in samples obtained from different(More)
The objective of this study was to test the use of a commercial extender (Triladyl) as a diluent in caprine semen refrigerated at 15 ̊C, using caffeine (CF), heparin (HP), synthetic oviductal fluid (SOF) andtriladyl (TRY) as capacitating chemical agents at different times. Twenty ejaculates of caprine semen were collected using an artificial vagina. The(More)
Berry size is considered as one of the main selection criteria in table grape breeding programs. However, this is a quantitative and polygenic trait, and its genetic determination is still poorly understood. Considering its economic importance, it is relevant to determine its genetic architecture and elucidate the mechanisms involved in its expression. To(More)
Berry firmness is one of the most important quality traits in table grape production and, consequently, a key aspect for table grape breeding programs. To identify the genes determining the berry firmness in grapes, a progeny of Ruby Seedless × Sultanina (n = 137) was evaluated during three consecutive seasons. Results showed that even though the(More)
Chile is center of origin and diversity of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Potato yield is affected under water stress conditions, so development of varieties with better tolerance to this stress is desirable. In this study we determined the differential response of INIA-Chile potato germplasm to water stress under in vitro assays with polyethylene glycol.(More)
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