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This paper presents an adaptive inverse control approach for the positional control of an unconstrained multibody system with flexible appendages. The approach is called Feedback-Error-Learning and it is based on the output of a feedback controller with fixed parameters to adapt a neural network which acts as a feedforward controller. The results are(More)
Spectrum-based Bayesian reasoning can effectively rank candidate fault locations based on passing/failing test cases, but the diagnostic quality highly depends on the size and diversity of the underlying test suite. As test suites in practice often do not exhibit the necessary properties, we present a technique to extend existing test suites with new test(More)
An airfoil electro-thermal anti-ice system was simulated with the mathematical model described herein, which is capable to predict temperature and runback water flow streamwise distributions. The results were compared to experimental data and other numerical codes results. For the regions wetted by the water, the present model predicted airfoil solid(More)
The Lagrangean/surrogate relaxation has been explored as a faster computational alternative to traditional Lagrangean heuristics. In this work the Lagrangean/surrogate relaxation and traditional column generation approaches are combined in order to accelerate and stabilize primal and dual bounds, through an improved reduced cost selection. The(More)
Geosensor networks comprise small electro-mechanical devices that communicate over a wireless network. These devices collect environmental measures and send them to a base station. Energy consumption and data routing are critical factors for efficient geosensor networks. The usual cluster-based data routing protocols for sensor networks group the nodes(More)
Informal settlements behave very dynamical over space and time and the number of people living in such housing areas is growing worldwide. The reasons for this dynamical behaviour are manifold and are not matter of this article. Nevertheless, informal settlements represent a status quo of housing and living conditions which is from a humanitarian point of(More)
Acknowledgments The authors acknowledge Fundação de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de S. Paulo-FAPESP (proc. 96/04585-6) and Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico-CNPq (proc. 350034/91-5 and 302408/88-6), for partial financial support. Abstract The heuristics implement a search on p-median clusters identified on a Lagrangean/surrogate(More)
Testing and debugging is the most expensive, error-prone phase in the software development life cycle. Automated testing and diagnosis of software faults can drastically improve the efficiency of this phase, this way improving the overall quality of the software. In this paper we present a toolset for automatic testing and fault localization, dubbed(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyze the differences in the technical pattern of the snatch in elite junior weightlifters of different weight categories. The sample was a group of 33 men weightlifters from different weight categories. The comparative study included 2 groups, taking into account weight categories. Group A included 17 weightlifters from(More)
The teaching-learning process is increasingly focused on the combination of the paradigms " learning by viewing " and " learning by doing. " In this context, educational resources, either expository or evaluative, play a pivotal role. Both types of resources are interdependent and their sequencing would create a richer educational experience to the end(More)