José C. T. Campos

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— The optimal recursive estimation problem for general time-variant descriptor systems is considered in this paper. We show that the filter recursion can be obtained as solution of appropriate data fitting problems. We can consider the fitting evolving the entire trajectory at once or consider a one step correction.
With the recent advancement in visualization devices over the last years, we are seeing a growing market for stereoscopic content. In order to convey 3D content by means of stereoscopic displays, one needs to transmit and display at least 2 points of view of the video content. This has profound implications on the resources required to transmit the content,(More)
Methods of numerical integration of sampled data are compared in terms of their frequency responses and resolving power. Compared, theoretically and by numerical experiments, are trapezoidal, Simpson, Simpson-3/8 methods, method based on cubic spline data interpolation and Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) based method. Boundary effects associated with DFT-(More)
We report the first observation of accelerating parabolic beams. These accelerating parabolic beams are similar to the Airy beams because they exhibit the unusual ability to remain diffraction-free while having a quadratic transverse shift during propagation. The amplitude and phase masks required to generate these beams are encoded onto a single liquid(More)
The nonlinearity used in the pure phase correlation method can improve pattern recognition, but it causes high-order harmonics in the correlation plane in the case of multiobject scenes. High-order harmonics and the presence of aliasing may cause false alarms. We show that these effects are strongly diminished when the periodicity in the scene is broken (by(More)
Digital addressing of the electrical signal in spatial light modulators, as it is the case in present liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) displays, may lead to temporal phase fluctuations in the optical beam. In diffractive optics applications a reduction in the modulation diffraction efficiency may be expected. Experimental work is done characterizing the(More)
We present and evaluate two corrections applicable in determining the modulation transfer function (MTF) of a charge-coupled device (CCD) by the speckle method that minimize its uncertainty: one for the low frequency region and another for the high frequency region. The correction at the low-spatial-frequency region enables attenuation of the high(More)
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