José C. B. da Silva

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Paying for goods and services creates disutility for the payer. Based on ideas from behavioral economics, we contend that the disutility of paying can be substantially influenced by the method of payment. We develop a model of the consumer that takes into account phenomena such as the pain of paying, the sunk-cost effect, and self-control issues. In a(More)
The region of the Middle East around the Red Sea (between 32°E and 44°E longitude and 12°N and 28°N latitude) is a currently undocumented hotspot for atmospheric gravity waves (AGWs). Satellite imagery shows evidence that this region is prone to relatively high occurrence of AGWs compared to other areas in the world, and reveals the characteristics of these(More)
Economics has been for a longtime the social science of choice when it comes to informing policy and policymakers. In the current paper we contemplate what role can behavioral sciences play in enlightening policymakers. In particular we focus on the following three questions 1) What kind of behavioral science is important for policy? 2) What are some(More)
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