José Benito Martín

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It is well known that Hooke's law for a linearly elastic, isotropic solid may be written in the form of two relations that involve only the spherical or only the deviatoric parts of the tensors of stress and strain. The example of the linearly elastic, transversely isotropic solid is used to show that this decomposition is not, in general, feasible for(More)
Six numerical examples of optimization of radiation protection are provided in the appendices of International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Publication No. 37 (1983). In each case, the calculations were based on well-defined parameters and assumptions. In this paper, we examined three different numerical examples that were based on empirical(More)
Deception Island is an active volcano located in the south Shetland Islands, Antarctica. It constitutes a natural laboratory to test geophysical instruments in extreme conditions, since they have to endure not only the Antarctic climate but also the volcanic environment. Deception is one of the most visited places in Antarctica, both by scientists and(More)
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