José Barredo

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The genetic organization of the left edge (tyIEDHFJ region) of the tylosin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces fradiae has been determined. Sequence analysis of a 12.9 kb region has revealed the presence of 11 ORFs, 10 of them belonging to the biosynthetic cluster. The putative functions of the proteins encoded by these genes are as follows:(More)
Astaxanthin is a xanthophyll of great interest in animal nutrition and human health. The market prospect in the nutraceutics industries for this health-protective molecule is very promising. Astaxanthin is synthesized by several bacteria, algae and plants from beta-carotene by the sequential action of two enzymes: a beta-carotene, 3,3'-hydroxylase that(More)
— The objectives and methodology of the MAMUD research project are presented in this paper. MAMUD is an acronym for Measuring and Modeling Urban Dynamics: Impact on Quality of Live and Hydrology. The research will be conducted over a four year period (2007-2011). The major goal is to investigate how earth observation can contribute to a better monitoring,(More)
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