José Barahona da Fonseca

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We begin to show that the design of optimum codes is a very difficult task by a set of preliminary brute force experiments where we generate all the possible optimum codes of a given length and minimum Hamming distance and then estimate the probability of finding one of these codes filling randomly the matrix that defines the code. Then we develop a novel(More)
In this paper, the author defines an automatic pilot to make a perfect loop, that is a circumference, making the centripetal acceleration, Gflyup, to vary through the loop and maintaining a constant motor impulse, although it varies a little bit with altitude. The author proved that this automatic pilot could be implemented easily in the flight computer of(More)
Machine layout and material flow between machines are crucial considerations for improving productivity in any manufacturing environment. The machine layout and the operations assignment problems are both known to be NP hard problems. In this paper, we introduce a new combined machine layout and operations assignment problem. We propose an evolutionary(More)
The maximum of a set is the element that is greater or equal to all the remaining ones. This seams obvious but it is this idea that is behind our Maxnet based on an hybrid neural network with multiplication units. Although this approach does not need training it implies N hard limit perceptrons, N analog switches units and one linear neuron for a set of N(More)