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Person–organization fit, OCB and performance appraisal: Evidence from matched supervisor–salesperson data set in a Spanish context☆
Abstract Despite the extensive work carried out by sales researchers regarding the influence of organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) on significant individual and organizational outcomes, it isExpand
Structural relationships between organizational service orientation, contact employee job satisfaction and citizenship behavior
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to contribute to the knowledge of how organization service orientation (OSO) influences job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) ofExpand
Impression management tactics and affective context: influence on sales performance appraisal
Purpose – Despite the recognition that the subordinate's influence is a particularly noteworthy feature of the social context with considerable potential to affect the performance evaluation process,Expand
Ammonia agriculture emissions: From EMEP to a high resolution inventory
Abstract Agriculture is the main source of atmospheric ammonia (NH 3 ). Methodologies are needed to quantify national NH 3 emissions. For European continental scale the EMEP emissions inventory withExpand
PERSPECTIVE: Cross‐Functional Integration in Spanish Firms
Published studies of new product development in Spain provide conflicting evidence regarding the role of cross-functional integration in new product success. One possible explanation for theseExpand
Salespersons' self‐monitoring: Direct, indirect, and moderating effects on salespersons' organizational citizenship behavior
Research into self-monitoring (SM) confirms that people differ when it comes to how much they observe, regulate, and control themselves in certain social settings and interpersonal relationships.Expand
Prolor: a Modelling Approach for Environmental Odor Forecast
Odor episodes control due to low threshold perception odorants, as H2S, is extremely difficult, as they are detected in very low concentrations. Even low odorants emissions without any health effectsExpand
Surface and upper-air WRF-CALMET simulations assessment over a coastal and complex terrain area
Air quality modelling requires accurate and detailed meteorological modelling, depending on the scale of the problem. As a consequence, comparison of meteorological modelling results against bothExpand
The New Product Development Process as a Communication Web Part I: Introduction, Concepts, and Spanish Context
This chapter proposes a model, based on literature reviews, that relates the external communication of cross-functional teams to the performance of NPD programmes and proposes New Product Development (NPD) as a communication web. Expand