José Antonio Sánchez

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The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors and furosemide on zinc metabolism by assessing serum zinc and urine levels in hospitalized subjects. We recruited 11 patients with heart failure from the Internal Medicine Department; these patients had been hospitalized less than 72 h before. Heart failure(More)
Grinding is a critical machining process because it produces parts of high precision and high surface quality. Due to the semi-artisan production of the wheel, it is not possible to know in advance the performance of the wheel. One of the most useful parameters to characterize the grinding process is the specific grinding energy, which varies with the wear(More)
In this paper we demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of articulation-based approaches in two major areas of speech technology: speech recognition and speech synthesis. Our articulatory recognition model estimates probabilities of categories of manner and place of articulation, which establish the articulatory feature vector. The transformation from(More)
Grinding is an advanced machining process for the manufacturing of valuable complex and accurate parts for high added value sectors such as aerospace, wind generation, etc. Due to the extremely severe conditions inside grinding machines, critical process variables such as part surface finish or grinding wheel wear cannot be easily and cheaply measured(More)
Grinding is critical in modern manufacturing due to its capacity for producing high surface quality and high-precision parts. One of the most important parameters that indicate the grinding quality is the surface roughness (R a). Analytical models developed to predict surface finish are not easy to apply in the industry. Therefore, many researchers have(More)
CONCLUSIONS The hydrodynamic model of the labyrinth spaces (LHM) is a useful tool for research on implantable audioprostheses, in particular to develop suitable actuators using MEMS technology (micro-electromechanic machine system). It has other potential applications for auditory research. OBJECTIVES The energy reaching the labyrinth fluids is crucial(More)