José Antonio Rodríguez-Lallena

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We study the relationship between multivariate quasi-copulas and measures that they may or may not induce on [0, 1]n . We first study the mass distribution of the pointwise best possible lower bound for the set of n-quasi-copulas for n ≥ 3. As a consequence, we show that not every n-quasi-copula induces a signed measure on [0, 1]n . © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All(More)
Residue levels and degradation rates of five benzoylphenylurea insecticides were studied in zucchinis and peppers grown in experimental greenhouses in Almería (Spain). Benzoylphenylurea residues were analyzed by HPLC using on-line post-elution photoirradiation with fluorescence detection. Mathematically defined decline curves were established by determining(More)
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