José Antonio Pimenta

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Soybean genotypes MG/BR46 (Conquista) and BR16, drought-tolerant and -sensitive, respectively, were compared in terms of morphophysiological and gene-expression responses to water stress during two stages of development. Gene-expression analysis showed differential responses in Gmdreb1a and Gmpip1b mRNA expression within 30 days of water-deficit initiation(More)
The recomposition of deforested environments demands the acclimation of seedlings in nurseries. This process induces changes in physiological, anatomical, and morphological traits of plants, favouring their establishment after transplantation to the field. The present study aimed to verify the influence of full-sun acclimation on seedling hardiness. For the(More)
Plants can acclimate to environmental changes by physiological and morphoanatomical responses. We aimed to evaluate the influence of high-light acclimation on the hardiness of neotropical tree species seedlings, through analysis of the gas exchange, morphology and anatomy of Aegiphila integrifolia (Jacq.) Moldenke, Guazuma ulmifolia Lam. and Heliocarpus(More)
The present study evaluated the role of nitric oxide (NO) in the transfer latency (TL) paradigm in the elevated plus-maze. Male Wistar rats received i.p. injections of either 0.9% Saline, N(omega) Nitro-L-arginine-methyl-ester (L-NAME, an inhibitor of NO synthesis), d-NAME (inert isomer), scopolamine (SCO, antagonist of muscarinic receptors), or MK-801(More)
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