José Antonio Muñoz López

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The diiridium complex [{Ir(ABPN2)(CO)}2(μ-CO)] (1; [ABPN2](-) = [(allyl)B(Pz)2(CH2PPh2)](-)) reacts with diphenylphosphane affording [Ir(ABPN2)(CO)(H) (PPh2)] (2), the product of the oxidative addition of the P-H bond to the metal. DFT studies revealed a large contribution of the terminal phosphanido lone pair to the HOMO of 2, indicating nucleophilic(More)
This work describes the synthesis of compounds [Pt(C=N)(NCMe) 2]ClO 4 (C=N = 7,8-benzoquinolinato (bzq), 2-phenylpyridinato (ppy)) and their use as precursors for the preparation of the cyanido complexes [Pt(C=N)(CN) 2] (-), which were isolated as the potassium, [K(H 2O)][Pt(C=N)(CN) 2] [C=N = bzq ( 3a), ppy ( 4a)], and the tetrabutylammonium, NBu(More)
[Pt(bzq)Cl(CNR)] [bzq = benzoquinolinate; R = tert-butyl ((t)Bu 1), 2-6-dimethylphenyl (Xyl 2), 2-naphthyl (2-Np 3)] complexes have been synthesized and structurally and photophysically characterized. 1 was found to co-crystallize in two distinct pseudopolymorphs: a red form, which exhibits an infinite 1D-chain ([1](infinity)) and a yellow form, which(More)
The compound syn-[{Rh(mu-NH{p-tolyl})(CNtBu)(2)}(2)] (1) oxidatively adds C--Cl bonds of alkyl chlorides (RCl) and dichloromethane to each metal centre to give the cationic complexes syn-[{Rh(mu-NH{p-tolyl})(eta(1)-R)(CNtBu)(2)}(2)(mu-Cl)]Cl and anti-[{Rh(mu-NH{p-tolyl})Cl(CNtBu)(2)}(2)(mu-CH(2))]. Reaction of 1 with the chiral alkyl chloride(More)
Carboxylic acids and their esters or lactones are among the most common functionalities, and a large number of fine chemicals are accessible from this functionality. Typical organic synthetic procedures towards carboxylic acids include oxidation of alcohols and aldehydes and hydrolysis of nitriles, while carboxylation of organic substrates containing C X(More)
Compounds of the late transition metals with M=X multiple bonds (X=CR2, NR, O) represent a synthetic challenge, partly overcome by preparative chemists, but with noticeable gaps in the second- and third-row elements. For example, there are no isolated examples of terminal imido rhodium complexes known to date. Described herein is the isolation,(More)
In an Al2O3-TiO2 mixed oxide system, the incorporation of TiO2 to alumina is known to increase the acidity of the resulting mixed oxide; depending strongly on the preparation method and the titania concentration. When using TiO2 as a support of NiMo catalysts, initial catalytic activity in hydrodesulfurization reactions is much higher than that on catalysts(More)
The development of new, efficient and selective synthetic methods is one of the major goals for future research in chemistry. An important and long-standing challenge in this field is to couple catalytic reactions with redox processes, which is expected to lead to interesting new reactions enabling (radical-type) transformations for substrates that are more(More)