José Antonio López López

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PURPOSE Percutaneous nephroscopy is usually performed with the patient prone, which is uncomfortable for the patient and does not prevent damage to the colon. We assess the possibility of performing percutaneous nephroscopy using local anesthesia with the patient supine, and evaluate the advantages and complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 557(More)
Presentation of one case of renal mycosis by Aspergillus as a primary complication in one patient diagnosed with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The importance of conservative treatment at all costs through percutaneous drainage is underlined, specially if we considered the short life expectancy of patients who have developed AIDS.
We report on two adolescent girls with imperforate hymen that had presented clinically as urinary retention. In the second case described herein, hydrocolpos could have resulted from the imperforate hymen and might have caused the congenital hydronephrosis incorrectly diagnosed during the neonatal period and childhood as such.
An epidermoid cyst of the testis was found in a 10 year-old child. The interest of this case report resides in the fact that it is rare in childhood and that its pathogenesis is not well known. Although the treatment of this condition remains controversial, a high orchidectomy through the inguinal tract was performed to a correct pathological diagnosis.
Based on the fact that the results obtained with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and percutaneous nephrolithotomy are uncertain in cases of complex lithiasis in horseshoe kidney, and counting on a wide laparoscopic experience as the most suitable solution in these cases, the authors present their initial experience in two cases of double lithiasis in(More)
Following a brief discussion of the different factors that assigned only a palliative role to transurethral resection, a procedure considered applicable in the advanced stages of prostate carcinoma, it is suggested that in the light of current knowledge and the experience of many urologists relative to resection, as well as the possibilities afforded by(More)
BACKGROUND Disorders of the spine are common in fighter crewmembers. The high cost of training and experience for pilots makes it important to use all reasonable clinical means to restore grounded pilots to their flying duties, provided that all safety standards are maintained. To date, there has been limited research into specific surgical treatment of(More)