José Antonio López Abad

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Ischaemic renal injury is becoming one of the main causes of end-stage renal failure. The appearance of new diagnostic methods, as well as the evidence that surgery or percutaneous transluminal angioplasty techniques are capable of inducing a significant degree of recovery in a subset of patients, are encouraging events. The identification of the precise(More)
A retrospective study was carried out of the ten cases of osteopoikilosis seen at this Orthopedic Unit over a 15-year period in order to determine the reasons why patients seek consultation, preliminary diagnosis, and associated lesions. Eight patients consulted for problems not related to the locomotor apparatus, and diagnosis was by chance; the other two(More)
Bilateral fractures of the femoral neck are very rare. We report two cases of elderly patients with simultaneous and bilateral femoral neck fractures. Les fractures bilatérales du col fémoral sont exceptionnelles. Nous rapportons deux cas de fractures fémorales intra capsulaires bilatérales.
We report two AIDS patients who developed acute renal failure while receiving sulphadiazine for cerebral toxoplasmosis. Renal ultrasound revealed diffuse bilateral echogenic shadowing material. 'Sheaves of wheat' crystals, typical of sulphadiazine crystalluria, were present in the urine. One patient required a percutaneous nephrostomy. Hydration and urine(More)
Atherosclerotic renovascular disease is a common entity, particularly in persons older than 50 years of age and especially in those patients with other evidence of atherosclerotic vascular disease. The illness clearly progresses in some patients, and progression rate appears to be highly variable. Taken into account the apparent high prevalence of(More)