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Inbreeding is known to lead to decreased survival and reproduction in captive populations of animals. It is also important to know whether inbreeding has deleterious effects in natural habitats. An estimate was made of the effects of inbreeding in white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis, derived from a wild population. This study demonstrates(More)
This paper presents a reflector recognition and localization technique in three-dimensional (3-D) environments, using only times-of-flight (TOFs) data obtained from ultrasonic transducers. The recognition and localization technique is based on the principal component analysis applied to the TOF vectors originating from a sensor that contains two emitting(More)
Complementary sequences are being employed to improve the results obtained in many sensorial systems where it is necessary to enhance the signal to noise ratio imposed by the environment. This improvement is achieved at the expense of increasing the computational complexity of the signal processing tasks. This work presents the hardware implementation of an(More)
It is accepted that the activity of the vehicle pedals (i.e., throttle, brake, clutch) reflects the driver's behavior, which is at least partially related to the fuel consumption and vehicle pollutant emissions. This paper presents a solution to estimate the driver activity regardless of the type, model, and year of fabrication of the vehicle. The solution(More)
On current railway systems, it is becoming ever more necessary to install safety elements to avoid accidents. One of the causes that can provoke serious accidents is the existence of obstacles on the tracks, either fixed or mobile. In this paper, a multisensory system that can inform the monitoring system about the existence of obstacles is proposed. The(More)
The stacking-fault and interfacial energies of three transformation-and twinning-induced plasticity steels (TRIP/TWIP) (Fe-22/25/28Mn-3Al-3Si wt.%) were determined by experimental and theoretical methods. Analysis of Shockley partial-dislocation configurations in the three alloys using weak-beam dark-field transmission electron microscopy yielded(More)
An advanced adaptive sonar module is described, capable of being configured to different circumstances and distances according to reflectors found in the environment. Thanks to the sensory distribution, it is possible to identify three basic types of reflector (planes, edges and corners). Furthermore, a heuristic map of the environment is built. The(More)