José Antonio Gutiérrez de Mesa

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OBJECTIVES To analyse the pharmacokinetic basis for the use of extended-interval dosage regimens of gentamicin in neonates using population pharmacokinetics. PATIENTS AND METHODS The population pharmacokinetics of gentamicin was studied retrospectively in a population of 113 neonates divided into two groups: one for computing the population model (n=97)(More)
In e-learning initiatives, sequencing problem concerns arranging a particular set of learning units in a suitable succession for a particular learner. Sequencing is usually performed by instructors, who create general and ordered series rather than learner personalized sequences. This paper proposes an innovative intelligent technique for learning object(More)
In e-learning initiatives content creators are usually required to arrange a set of learning resources in order to present them in a comprehensive way to the learner. Course materials are usually divided into reusable chunks called Learning Objects (LOs) and the ordered set of LOs is called sequence, so the process is called LO sequencing. In this paper an(More)
Mobile learning is considered an evolution of e-learning that embraces the ubiquitous nature of current computational systems in order to improve teaching and learning. Within this context it is possible to develop mobile applications oriented to learning, but it is also important to assess to what extent such applications actually work. In this paper we(More)
The process of creating e-learning contents using reusable learning objects (LOs) can be broken down in two sub-processes: LOs finding and LO sequencing. Although semiautomatic tools that aid in the finding process exits, sequencing is usually performed by instructors, who create courses targeting generic profiles rather than personalized materials. This(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) in a group of peri-urban black South Africans. DESIGN Cross-sectional study in which an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was performed on each subject. SETTING Two of the largest factories in the surroundings of Umtata, the capital of the former homeland of(More)
The extensor retinaculum of the wrist has been used for reconstruction of the annular pulleys of the flexor sheath. We examined the histologic structure of the extensor retinaculum and tendon sheath of the wrist and ankle in cadaveric specimens using hematoxylin-eosin and Verhoeff-van Gieson stains to detect elastin and alcian blue to detect hyaluronic(More)
Standards and specifications widely accepted and used lay the foundations to enable and facilitate the interoperability among systems, and the software maintenance and reuse, especially within the scope of learning objects' search systems. One of these standards is the SQI (Standard Query Interface) specification by the European Committee for(More)