José-Antonio García-López

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The MDR1 gene product, P-glycoprotein (P-gp), works as a transmembrane efflux pump for several cytotoxic products, representing a major cause for cancer treatment failure. Rhodamine 123 (Rh123), a low toxic fluorescent probe commonly used to assess mitochondrial bioenergetics in living cells, has also been used to measure the efflux activity of P-gp in both(More)
We introduce adequate concepts of expansion of a digraph to obtain a sequential construction of minimal strong digraphs. We obtain a characterization of the class of minimal strong digraphs whose expansion preserves the property of minimality. We prove that every minimal strong digraph of order n > 2 is the expansion of a minimal strong digraph of order n —(More)
The study of the nuclear DNA content by flow cytometry (FCM) has been classically accomplished by selecting the nuclear population on the biparametric forward scatter (FS)-DNA fluorescence or FS-DNA fluorescence peak histograms to determine ploidy and DNA index (DI). Different cellular factors such as nuclear morphological heterogeneity of the neoplastic(More)
The product of the mdr1 gene, P-glycoprotein (P-gp), represents a common mechanism of cellular resistance to a wide variety of structurally and functionally unrelated drugs. A range of structurally different P-gp inhibitors, such as verapamil, cyclosporin A and SDZ PSC 833, have been shown to modify multidrug resistance (MDR). We used flow cytometry to(More)
ortho-Substituted aryl boronates are introduced as aryne precursors for transition-metal-catalyzed transformations. On treatment with (t)BuOK and Pd(0), metal-bound aryne intermediates are formed that undergo effective trimerization to form useful triphenylene compounds. For meta-substituted arynes, the 3:1 product ratio in favor of non-C3 symmetric(More)
In this communication we describe a new route to spiro-oxoindole derivatives through a novel Pd-catalyzed cascade process. This reaction is based on the remote C-H activation performed by σ-alkyl Pd(ii) species generated in situ via intramolecular carbopalladation of alkenes, followed by insertion of a carbenoid coupling partner.
Reaction of ortho-palladated derivatives of phentermine and homoveratrylamine with benzyne allows the synthesis of enlarged eight-membered palladacycles resulting from the insertion of the aryne into the Pd-C bond, which subsequently react with CO, to render unnatural amino acid derivatives.
Benzynes generated under Knochel conditions from 2-iodophenylsulfonates and (i)PrMgCl smoothly add to thiol, selenol, and amine nucleophiles. Treatment of the resulting aryl Grignard intermediate with a copper salt and an organic oxidant then affords symmetrical biaryls in good yield. 3-Substituted arynes undergo regioselective addition, enabling synthesis(More)
In this article, we focus on structural and spectral properties of minimal strong digraphs (MSDs). We carry out a comparative study of properties of MSDs versus trees. This analysis includes two new properties. The rst one gives bounds on the coe cients of characteristic polynomials of trees (double directed trees), and conjectures the generalization of(More)