José-Antonio García-López

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The MDR1 gene product, P-glycoprotein (P-gp), works as a transmembrane efflux pump for several cytotoxic products, representing a major cause for cancer treatment failure. Rhodamine 123 (Rh123), a low toxic fluorescent probe commonly used to assess mitochondrial bioenergetics in living cells, has also been used to measure the efflux activity of P-gp in both(More)
The study of the nuclear DNA content by flow cytometry (FCM) has been classically accomplished by selecting the nuclear population on the biparametric forward scatter (FS)-DNA fluorescence or FS-DNA fluorescence peak histograms to determine ploidy and DNA index (DI). Different cellular factors such as nuclear morphological heterogeneity of the neoplastic(More)
We introduce adequate concepts of expansion of a digraph to obtain a sequential construction of minimal strong digraphs. We obtain a characterization of the class of minimal strong digraphs whose expansion preserves the property of minimality. We prove that every minimal strong digraph of order n > 2 is the expansion of a minimal strong digraph of order n —(More)
Maximum intersection of spherical polygons and work-piece orientation for 4-and 5-axis machining, " of convex objects in two and three dimensions , " Accessibility analysis for the automatic inspec-29-fixed. Furthermore, only one point will have an integral x-coordinate and thus achieve the maximum aperture angle by the construction of Q. The adversary will(More)
The product of the mdr1 gene, P-glycoprotein (P-gp), represents a common mechanism of cellular resistance to a wide variety of structurally and functionally unrelated drugs. A range of structurally different P-gp inhibitors, such as verapamil, cyclosporin A and SDZ PSC 833, have been shown to modify multidrug resistance (MDR). We used flow cytometry to(More)
Reaction of ortho-palladated derivatives of phentermine and homoveratrylamine with benzyne allows the synthesis of enlarged eight-membered palladacycles resulting from the insertion of the aryne into the Pd-C bond, which subsequently react with CO, to render unnatural amino acid derivatives.
In this communication we describe a new route to spiro-oxoindole derivatives through a novel Pd-catalyzed cascade process. This reaction is based on the remote C-H activation performed by σ-alkyl Pd(ii) species generated in situ via intramolecular carbopalladation of alkenes, followed by insertion of a carbenoid coupling partner.
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Maximum intersection of spherical polygons and work-piece orientation for 4-and 5-axis machining, "Notice that all computations can be performed in rational arithmetic with numerators and denominators bounded by small polynomials in n and m. Thus, the adversary can operate within the standard unit-cost RAM model of computation with word length logarithmic(More)
Benzynes generated under Knochel conditions from 2-iodophenylsulfonates and (i)PrMgCl smoothly add to thiol, selenol, and amine nucleophiles. Treatment of the resulting aryl Grignard intermediate with a copper salt and an organic oxidant then affords symmetrical biaryls in good yield. 3-Substituted arynes undergo regioselective addition, enabling synthesis(More)