José Antonio Arroyo

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The degree of effectiveness of mosquito nets against malaria in the Americas has remained uncertain. We carried out a case-control study of net use and mild malaria in the Amazonas state of Colombia. Two hundred ninety cases were enrolled via the Health Department services, and 977 community-based controls matched for age, sex, and place of residence. We(More)
To provide information for public health policy on mosquito nets in the Amazon region of Colombia, we conducted landing catches to estimate Anopheles species composition and biting activity. Two hundred twenty person-nights of catches were done in seven locations over a period of 14 mo. A total of 1,780 Anopheles mosquitoes were caught (8.1 per(More)
BACKGROUND Renal function and albuminuria predict cardiovascular disease (CVD) in general population. However, their prognostic value in patients with resistant hypertension (RH) is somewhat unknown. OBJECTIVE To determine the ability of renal function and albuminuria to predict CVD in RH patients. METHODS One hundred and thirty-three RH (blood pressure(More)
INTRODUCTION Headaches are a common reason for visiting neurology clinics. They have their origin in a variety of causes and their specific diagnosis deteriorates as it overlaps with other chronic painful pathologies. Somatic functional syndromes are characterised by chronic painful conditions that have a negative effect on quality of life, and are(More)
The association of cerebral ischemic attack with patent foramen ovale has not been extensively studied, and frequently the site of origin of embolism is not detected despite routine studies. We present the case of a young patient with ischemic stroke and permeable oval foramen in the context of May Thurner syndrome. The May Thurner syndrome is an entity(More)
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