José-Antonio Abad

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OBJECTIVE It was our aim to review our surgical experience with retroperitoneal tumors extending to the vena cava by using cardiopulmonary bypass, deep hypothermia and circulatory arrest. METHOD We performed this procedure in 15 patients. The ages ranged between 16 and 70 years. The primary malignancies were renal cell carcinoma (n = 13), Wilms' tumor (n(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the incidence of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) detected incidentally and to compare the survival of these patients with that of patients presenting with suspected RCC. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a retrospective study, 157 patients surgically treated for RCC from 1979 to 1993 were grouped according to whether the tumour was found(More)
Bemiparin has shown to be effective and safe in clinical trials in total knee or hip replacement. We conducted a prospective, open, multicentre, uncontrolled study to audit the utilisation patterns of bemiparin 3,500 IU/day, first dose administered 6 h after surgery, in 1,009 patients undergoing total hip or knee replacement surgery in standard clinical(More)
Review of 12 patients with diagnosis of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis (IRF). To establish diagnosis, computerized axial tomography (CT) was used in all cases. Nine patients underwent surgical treatment. After a mean follow-up of three and a half years, the clinical and laboratory (serum creatinine) evolution appears to be favourable.
A series of 17 patients with primary adrenal cortical carcinoma is presented. Of 14 patients without evidence of disseminated disease prior to radical surgery, 6 developed distant metastases during follow-up. The mean interval free of disease in these patients was 12 months (range 3-40) and the median survival 15 months. Of the six patients in whom adjuvant(More)
We analyzed 307 cadaver kidney transplantations performed since 1976 at the University Hospital of the University of Navarra. Two series, the historical and the current one, are presented. In the former, cyclosporine A was not included in the immunosuppressor protocol. The surgical complications were evaluated in both series and their influence on the(More)
The article presents a multivariate study carried out by means of a logistic regression of local responses (reduction to stage p0, p1 or p 'in situ') in 82 patients with transitional infiltrant carcinoma of the bladder, undergoing 3 different types of radical therapy: 25 patients treated with TUR and radical cystectomy; 33 patients treated with TUR,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to identify the variables that could be of interest in the outcome of a series of cadaveric kidney transplantation performed at the University Hospital, Navarra School of Medicine, by means of multifactorial and multivariate statistical analyses. METHOD We analyzed 307 cadaveric kidney transplantation performed since(More)
Three hundred and seven first corpse transplantations performed in the Clínica Universitaria of Navarra since 1976 are analyzed. The cases are divided in two series, Current and Historic, depending on whether the immunosuppressive protocol included cyclosporin A. First, actual survival curves from both series were compared, obtaining a significantly(More)
Since initial application of high-energy shockwaves to treat renal lithiasis, their usefulness has been extended within both the clinical and experimental fields. Shockwaves cytotoxic action is determined by means of cell viability methods of vital staining exclusion and nucleoside uptake. Application of shockwaves on cell cultures is carried out by means(More)