José Antonio Álvarez-Bermejo

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The first sequencing of a complete genome was published forty years ago by the double Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Frederick Sanger. That corresponded to the small sized genome of a bacteriophage, but since then there have been many complex organisms whose DNA have been sequenced. This was possible thanks to continuous advances in the fields of(More)
The present study details the significant contribution that different international institutions have made to the field of sustainability and energy efficiency, with a focus on public buildings. This has been achieved by making use of the database Scopus, by applying bibliometric techniques and by analyzing the contents of articles published from 1976 to(More)
In this paper we use the Diffie–Hellman key exchange protocol to introduce a decentralized key agreement protocol based on elliptic curves. We do not use any public key infrastructure, which makes it suitable for light devices with low computational and storage capabilities. Thus mobile devices can directly authorize other mobile devices to exchange keys in(More)
In this paper we propose a new protocol to manage multicast key distribution. The protocol is based on the use of orthogonal systems in vector spaces. The main advantage in comparison to other existing multicast key management protocols is that the length and the number of the messages which have to be sent are considerably smaller. This makes the protocol(More)
Web applications development using various technologies has become a standard procedure for shops and businesses. These web applications require distribution systems of web requests that allow and support the dynamism of these environments, to provide service availability and resource use, commonly heterogeneous.
We present a new chemistry to determine nitrites implemented in a microfluidic paper-based analytical device (µPAD). The device is fabricated in cellulose paper with a sample reception area and three replicate detection areas with recognition chemistry immobilized by adsorption. The method involves the use of nitrite in an acid medium reaction to generate(More)
As first year students come from diverse backgrounds, basic skills should be accessible to everyone as soon as possible. Transferring such skills to these students is challenging, especially in highly technical courses. Ensuring that essential knowledge is acquired quickly promotes the student's self-esteem and may positively influence failure rates.(More)