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The order Gymnotiformes (South American electric fishes) is a fascinating assemblage of freshwater fishes that share the unusual ability to produce and sense electric fields used for electrolocation(More)
We used mitochondrial DNA control region sequences to examine phylogeography and population differentiation of the endangered Amazonian manatee Trichechus inunguis. We observe lack of molecular(More)
The large pimelodid, Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii, is one of the two most important catfish species for the fisheries in the Amazon. It is captured by commercial and artisanal fishing fleets in at(More)
The long-distance migratory catfish Brachyplatystoma rousseauxii is among the two most important commercial catfish in the Amazon region. Recent data lists this species as being affected by(More)
The piramutaba (Brachyplatystoma vaillantii) is one of the largest and most important migratory catfishes of the Amazon Basin. Due to its historical commercial importance, this species is now(More)