José Andrés García-Marín

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OBJECTIVE To determine if there is a relation to low serum cholesterol, lipoprotein, serotonin or tryptophan levels in patients with depression who have recently attempted suicide. DESIGN Biochemical and behavioural study. SETTING Inpatient and outpatient treatment at the Instituto Mexicano de Psiquiatría. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-three patients with a(More)
INTRODUCTION diverting loop ileostomies are widely used in colorectal surgery to protect low rectal anastomoses. However, they may have various complications, among which are those associated with the subsequent stoma closure. The present study analyses our experience in a series of patients undergoing closure of loop ileostomies. METHOD retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Today laparoscopic approach is essential, but learning is usually expensive and very limited. Homemade and low equipment costs are required. We undertook this study to quantify how many hours of training are necessary for a surgeon without laparoscopic experience in order to acquire the abilities to carry out procedures as a staff member with(More)
Chyle leak following axillary lymph node clearance is a rare yet important complication. The treatment of postoperative chyle fistula still remains unclear. Conservative management is the first line of treatment. It includes axillary drains on continuous suction, pressure dressings, bed rest, and nutritional modifications. The use of somatostatin analogue(More)
BACKGROUND in emergency surgery, colorectal mortality is very high compared with elective surgery. An alternative is placement of endoscopic stents to correct the bowel obstruction and then allow elective surgery. Moreover, it is possible to use stents in the palliative treatment of patients at high surgical risk or with unresecable tumors. The aim of this(More)
BACKGROUND Endometriosis is a relatively common disease among women with child-bearing potential, and rare before puberty or following menopause. It consists of the presence of hormone-responsive endometrium outside the endometrial cavity. CASE REPORT We report the case of a patient with a rectal lesion, initially approached as a primary rectal(More)
Venous intestinal ischemia is a relatively rare disease, which has some predisposing factor up to 80 % of cases. These factors may be temporary or permanent. Cancer, immobilization, trauma, intraabdominal infections, or oral contraceptives are temporary factors. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria and hypercoagulability states as factor V Leiden, G20210A(More)
We present a 67-year-old male in whom a screening colonoscopy revealed an ulcerated polypoid lesion 35 cm from the anal margin. The biopsy was unspecific. CT and virtual colonography showed a 4.5 x 3.6 x 3.7 cm polypoid mass in the left colon with regional adenopathies but no distant metastases. The patient was admitted to the emergency department for(More)