José Ambrosio Toval Álvarez

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Information systems security issues have usually been considered only after the system has been developed completely, and rarely during its design, coding, testing or deployment. However, the advisability of considering security from the very beginning of the system development has recently begun to be appreciated, and in particular in the system(More)
Requirements engineering is the disciplined and systematic approach to elicit, specify, analyze, commit, validate, and manage requirements while considering user, technical, economic, and business-oriented needs and objectives. It spans the entire lifecycle, often involving distributed teams and supply chains. Tools facilitate consistency and ef ciency in(More)
In recent years, Web Engineering development projects have grown increasingly complex for and critical to the smooth running of organizations. However, recent studies reveal that a high percentage of these projects fail to attain the quality parameters required by stakeholders. The inadequate consideration of requirements management activities together with(More)
Resumen La propuesta MDA del OMG está teniendo un gran auge en los últimos años. A pesar de la numerosa documentación existente sobre ella, todavía existen aspectos no denidos, deni-dos de forma imprecisa o a los que todavía no se les ha prestado la suciente atención. Entre Sin embargo, si analizamos detenidamente la numerosa documentación existente(More)
In recent years, security in Information Systems (IS) has become an important issue, and needs to be taken into account in all stages of IS development, including the early phase of Requirements Engineering (RE). Reuse of requirements improves the productivity and quality of software process and products. This can be facilitated by Semantic Web(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the results of a systematic literature review concerning the security and privacy of electronic health record (EHR) systems. DATA SOURCES Original articles written in English found in MEDLINE, ACM Digital Library, Wiley InterScience, IEEE Digital Library, Science@Direct, MetaPress, ERIC, CINAHL and Trip Database. STUDY SELECTION Only(More)