José Amadeu Almeida Vargas

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A review of current literature on mammalian hosts' sexual dimorphism (SD) in parasitic infections revealed that (1) it is a scarcely and superficially studied biological phenomenon of considerable significance for individual health, behavior, and lifestyles and for the evolution of species; (2) there are many notable exceptions to the rule of a favorable(More)
¶ Use of CSF shunt devices is a common practice in neurosurgery, and infection of the shunt is the most frequent complication. In spite of the fact that bacteria are the most widely implicated pathogens, reports of fungal infections, especially due to Candida sp., have increased in recent years. Their reported frequency ranges between 6% and 17%. Many(More)
Persistent infection by parvovirus B19 associated with pure red cell aplasia (PRCA) has been documented in immunocompromised patients. Bone marrow failure is associated with conditions in which immune surveillance is impaired, and in these instances occult parvovirus infection may be suspected. In this study we have assessed by serological and molecular(More)
Cat Scratch Disease (CSD) is an infectious disorder which appears after cat scratching particularly in children and adolescents. Bartonella henselae is the etiologic agent more frequently involved. There are only a few recent reports demonstrating the disease after transplantation, although the illness is not infrequent in immunologically competent people.(More)
Ocular myositis (OM) is a rare clinical entity characterized by idiopathic, nonspecific inflammation of primarily or exclusively extraocular muscles (EOM). Presentation usually encompasses painful diplopia, exacerbated by eye movement. We report two cases of idiopathic OM with unique characteristics. The first presented with pseudo-sixth nerve palsy due to(More)
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