José Alencar Neto

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We present an analogy between the operation of a Wireless Sensor Network and the sampling and reconstruction of a signal. We measure the impact of three factors on the quality of the reconstructed data, namely, the granularity of the process under study, the spatial distribution of sensors, and the protocol for clustering and data aggregation. In order to(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks are presented as devices for signal sampling and reconstruction. Within this framework, the qualitative and quantitative influence of (i) signal granularity, (ii) spatial distribution of sensors, (iii) sensors clustering, and (iv) signal reconstruction procedure are assessed. This is done by defining an error metric and performing a(More)
The automated negotiation topic plays an important role in e-commerce research. However, despite considerable work on automated negotiation, few research efforts have aimed at software engineering facilities such a reuse and flexibility. To address this issue, we propose a novel computation environment for building agents with flexible negotiation(More)
This paper presents a quantitative comparison of the performance of skin detection techniques for a Web-based system. The procedures under analysis employ dimensionality reduction, with or without color correction. We propose a rule for deciding if an image requires color correction and, if needed, which is the best procedure. Geometric rules, parametric(More)
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