José Alberto Zusman

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  • Janeiro Brasil Cheniaux, Elie Zusman, José Alberto ; De Freitas, Sergio Vidal De Carvalho, Alfredo Luís, J Landeira-Fernandez +4 others
  • 2011
We present a review of several hypotheses concerning the possible neurobiological correlates of the main processes involved in analytic therapy. Attachment theory may represent an interesting link between psychoanalysis and neurobiology. According to Bowlby's conception, interactions with parental figures during infancy lead to the formation of an "(More)
The author commends the American Psychiatric Association's model law on civil commitment model law on civil commitment as a practical document that is symbolic of psychiatry's concern about the quality of public mental health services. However, he believes that even the most progressive mental health laws have done little to ensure better or more responsive(More)
States have funded psychiatric research through a variety of mechanisms, including psychiatric research institutes. The authors identified and surveyed 33 such institutes to obtain information on their organizational characteristics. Twenty-nine institutes responded; more than half were organizationally located within a university setting, and a similar(More)
The authors describe the availability and characteristics of noninstitutional treatment for sex offenders found in a survey of 63 community mental health providers in Florida. The results cover offense categories, referral sources, numbers in treatment, annual case load, and program characteristics. More sex offenders were being treated in the community(More)