José Alberto Méndez

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Injectable bioactive acrylic formulations based on poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and different amounts of bioactive glasses in the system SiO2-CaO-Na2O-P2O5 have been prepared in the presence of the anti-inflammatory analgesic drug fosfosal, the sodium salt of 2-phosphonoxibenzoic acid, to be used in minimally invasive surgery. The injectability of the(More)
The optical constants of electron-beam evaporated boron from 6.8 to 900 eV were calculated through transmittance measurements of boron thin films deposited onto carbon-coated microgrids or LiF substrates in ultrahigh-vacuum conditions. In the low-energy part of the spectrum the measurements were performed in situ on freshly deposited samples, whereas in the(More)
The transmittance of thin films of Sc deposited by evaporation in ultrahigh vacuum conditions has been investigated in the 20-1000 eV spectral range. Transmittance measurements were performed in situ on Sc layers that were deposited over grids coated with a C support film. Transmittance measurements were used to obtain the extinction coefficient of Sc films(More)
Acrylic bone cement formulations with antioxidant character were prepared by incorporation of a methacrylic monomer derived from vitamin E (MVE). Increasing concentrations of this monomer provided decreasing peak temperature values, ranging from 62 to 36 degrees C, and increasing setting time with values between 17 and 25 min. Mechanical properties were(More)
Measurements of the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) reflectance of unoxidized aluminum films versus the angle of incidence in the interval of 82-77 nm, just below the aluminum plasma wavelength (83 nm), are presented. The continuum of helium was used as a radiation source for the first time in EUV reflectometry, to our knowledge. The surface roughness of(More)
The optical properties of thin Sc films deposited in ultrahigh-vacuum conditions have been investigated in the 6.7-174.4-nm spectral range. We measured transmittance and multiangle reflectance in situ in the 53.6-174.4 nm spectral range and used these measurements to obtain the complex refractive index of a Sc film at every individual wavelength(More)
The optical properties of thin film of ytterbium in the 53.6-183.6-nm spectral range are described. Yb film were deposited in ultrahigh-vacuum conditians, and their transmittance and reflectance were measured in situ. Transmittance measurements showed that Yb has a certain window of lower absorption at approximately 54-100 nm, which makes Yb an interesting(More)
A new type of multilayer coatings with narrowband reflection properties and peaked in the approximately 50- 92 nm spectral range has been developed. Multilayers are based on Yb, Al, and SiO films and they have been prepared by thermal evaporation. Efficient multilayers based on Yb and Al, with an SiO protective layer were prepared, but they developed a(More)
The far-UV reflectance of thin unoxidized aluminum films prepared and maintained in ultra-highvacuum conditions was measured versus the angle of incidence, and the complex refractive index was obtained from those measurements on several wavelengths from 82.6 to 113.5 nm. Measurements were made on two perpendicular planes of incidence to deal with the(More)
Partially biodegradable acrylic composites containing poly(methyl methacrylate)-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PMMA/PCL) systems were prepared by mixing the corresponding PMMA/PCL beads (89:11, 86:14, 83:17, and 77:23 weight ratio) used as solid phase with methyl methacrylate (MMA) (liquid phase) in a solid/liquid ratio of 1.5:1. The physical and chemical(More)