José Alberto Hernández

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Until very recently, energy efficiency has received little attention in many wired communications environments. For example, in most current Ethernet standards the transmitter and receiver operate at full power even when no data is being sent. However, new upcoming energy-aware standards, such as Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), are addressing this issue by(More)
The proposed Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard reduces energy consumption by defining two operation modes for transmitters and receivers: active and low power. Burst transmission can provide additional energy savings when EEE is used. Collecting data frames into large-sized data bursts for back-to-back transmission maximizes the time an EEE device(More)
The CPRI specification has been introduced to enable the communication between radio equipment and radio equipment controllers, and is of particular interest for mobile operators willing to deploy their networks following the novel cloud radio access network approach. In such a case, CPRI provides an interface for the interconnection of remote radio heads(More)
Online gaming connects players from all over the world together for fun and entertainment, and has been regarded as one of the most profitable and popular Internet services. Besides, there is a growing trend towards moving local applications to remote data centers: this is often referred to as the cloud. With the purpose of studying the impact of Cloud(More)
Android malware has emerged in the last decade as a consequence of the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets. While most previous work focuses on inherent characteristics of Android apps to detect malware, this study analyses indirect features to identify patterns often observed in malware applications. We show that modern Machine Learning(More)
OpenFlow is a protocol that enables networks to evolve and change flexibly, by giving a remote controller the capability of modifying the behavior of network devices. In an OpenFlow network, each device needs to maintain a dedicated and separated connection with a remote controller. All these connections can be described as the OpenFlow control network,(More)
Building vehicular networks in roads and highways is a challenging research topic with a large number of applications ranging from traffic jams and car collisions prevention to efficient route planning. The analysis of the distance between vehicles in roads is a key factor in, e.g., designing vehicular networks protocols or planning a supporting(More)
This paper describes the use of a prototype online assessment system with biometric recognition capabilities applied to evaluate basic knowledge in a High School. The prototype system represents a first approach to identify remote students in online assessment to solve the well known problem: Who's there?. For our experiment, we randomly selected a sample(More)
In Optical Burst Switching (OBS), packets travel through the network core as part of longer-size optical bursts, which do not suffer electronic conversion until they reach an eggress point. Typically, such optical bursts comprise tens or hundreds of packets, which are assembled/deassembled at border nodes. During the burst-formation process, each arriving(More)