José Albaladejo

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The use of IT technologies plays an important role in the training of future engineers. In this paper, smartphones and multimedia technologies are proposed as an innovative way to tackle the formation of students, at different levels, in the Industrial Informatics (II) subject of the Industrial Electronics Engineering (IEE) degree. II instructs future(More)
The ultraviolet (λ=250–370 nm) photolysis and the OH-initiated oxidation of hexanal and trans-2-hexenal, which are relevant atmospheric processes, have been investigated at room temperature and as a function of temperature (T=263–353 K), respectively. This kinetic study as a function of temperature is reported here for the first time. 5 Absolute absorption(More)
BACKGROUND Intravenous drug addicts (IVDA) are a group of patients in whom it is difficult to complete standard treatment of infectious endocarditis due to frequent antisocial behavior and in whom, once clinical improvement is achieved, voluntary discharge is frequently requested. This is why the evaluation of new treatment schedules tending to decrease the(More)
The work presented in this paper has been performed under a Spanish research project. The main aim of the tasks, we were responsible of, was the development of a vision subsystem for 2D image preprocessing. These algorithms are the first step of a 3D reconstruction algorithm. These algorithms have been improved by the addition of fault tolerance(More)
The mechanism and kinetics of reactions between coumaric acids and a series of reactive oxygen species ((•)OX) was studied through the density functional theory (DFT). H atom abstraction from -OH and -COOH groups and addition to the nonaromatic double bond were the most representative reaction pathways chosen for which free energy barriers and rate(More)