José Adail Fonseca de Castro

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Throughout Brazil, Cryptococcus neoformans is the cause of cryptococcosis, whereas Cryptococcus gattii is endemic to the northern and northeastern states. In this study, the molecular types of 63 cryptococcal isolates recovered from the cerebrospinal fluid of meningitis patients diagnosed between 2008-2010 in Teresina, Piauí, Brazil, were analysed. Out of(More)
In order to investigate aspects of the infection and morbidity of Chagas' disease in the municipality of João Costa, Piauí State, Brazil, we carried out a serological survey to detect anti-Trypanosoma cruzi antibodies in 2,080 individuals, by indirect immunofluorescence, indirect hemagglutination and ELISA. A total of 189 seropositive and 141 seronegative(More)
As part of parasitological studies in the area surrounding the Serra da Capivara National Park, Piauí State, Northeast Brazil, from 1999 to 2001, the current study aimed to evaluate the epidemiological profile of human cysticercosis in the Municipality of João Costa. Clinical and epidemiological data were obtained, and blood samples were drawn for(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aimed to evaluate the effect of the neural mobilization technique on electromyography function, disability degree, and pain in patients with leprosy. METHODS A sample of 56 individuals with leprosy was randomized into an experimental group, composed of 29 individuals undergoing treatment with neural mobilization, and a control(More)
INTRODUCTION This study evaluated the degree of disability, pain levels, muscle strength, and electromyographic function (RMS) in individuals with leprosy. METHODS We assessed 29 individuals with leprosy showing common peroneal nerve damage and grade 1 or 2 disability who were referred for physiotherapeutic treatment, as well as a control group of 19(More)
The authors report a case of neurocysticercosis by giant cyst (3.9 x 3.4 cm), where there were clinical manifestations of increased intracranial pressure and characteristics of image in computed tomography of cranium of expansive process with mass effect in central nervous system (CNS). They comment the possibility of the tumoral form of this disease having(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify mycobacterial species in the sputum of patients suspected of having pulmonary tuberculosis and to determine the impact that the acquisition of this knowledge has on the therapeutic approach. METHODS We evaluated 106 patients suspected of having pulmonary tuberculosis and referred to the pulmonology department of a public hospital in(More)
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