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We provide a formal model for expressing and analysing time-related properties of service-oriented systems. Our approach extends SRML, a high-level modelling language that we have been developing in the SENSORIA project. We introduce new primitives for SRML that capture several kinds of delays that can occur during service provision (e.g., the time taken by(More)
This paper describes the system submitted to SemEval-2017 Task 4-A Sentiment Analysis in Twitter developed by the UCSC-NLP team. We studied how relationships between sense n-grams and sentiment polarities can contribute to this task, i.e. co-occurrences of WordNet senses in the tweet, and the polarity. Furthermore, we evaluated the effect of discarding a(More)
The quality of the papers published in the Journal depends on both the authors and the external reviewers who help the editors select the best papers and improve their presentation. We are very grateful for the efforts of our reviewers who have helped us to achieve and maintain exceptionally high standards. Names of those who have reviewed for us from(More)
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