José Abásolo

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This paper describes MELISA MEdical Literature Search Agent – a prototype of an ontology-based information retrieval agent. We have designed a modular system that can be easily adapted to another medical literature sources or other professional domains. The major issues are the design of an architecture with three levels of abstraction, the use of separated(More)
INTRODUCTION From conception to postpartum, pregnancy is a state in which physiologic, metabolic, and anatomic parameters are altered. Pregnancy could affect voice attributes by changing quality and perturbation rates, mainly during the third trimester. The aim of this study was to compare voice attributes between third trimester pregnant and nonpregnant(More)
This paper presents an approach of data integration in Health Virtual Organization (HVO). It targets large scale contexts where high distribution and autonomy of sources produce complex integration scenarios. The principle is to provide a high conceptual level composed of Virtual Data Objects (VDO) that can be queried independently of the data sources that(More)
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