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—This paper presents a new analytical method for the generalized study of a cluster of single-stage power-factor correc-tors (S 2 PFCs). Due to this generalized approach, new topologies have been obtained, and the study of other known topologies has been simplified. The new analytical method simplifies the design of S 2 PFCs by making it possible to compare(More)
—Passive current sharing in multiphase converters, where resistive losses are not dominant, is a quite complex goal. In this paper, an averaged model of an active clamp buck converter was obtained. It has been checked that this topology presents high output impedance. This property is used like a lossless passive equalization. The principle of operation,(More)
—This paper presents a new methodological approach to teaching power electronics converter experiments. This approach is based on a reconfigurable hardware–software platform for use in converter experiments in a basic power electronics course. This course is an optional subject, and, therefore, the experiments need to motivate the students. The platform is(More)
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