José A. Villarejo

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AIM To evaluate the safety and long-term efficacy of per-endoscopic hydrostatic balloon dilatation in a retrospective series of patients with Crohn's disease. METHODS Thirty-eight patients had balloon dilatation for intestinal symptomatic strictures which were located as follows: ileo-colonic (26) or colocolic (2) anastomosis, colon (4), ileum (3),(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS This study was designed to prospectively compare the diagnostic yield of the M2A endoscopic capsule with that of video push-enteroscopy in exploring the small intestine in patients with obscure digestive bleeding. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with either occult or overt obscure digestive bleeding and a negative endoscopic(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS The long-term outcome for patients with obscure bleeding after capsule endoscopy (CE) is still unclear. In this study, the clinical outcome was used as the gold standard to determine the sensitivity and specificity of CE and push enteroscopy (PE) in the diagnosis of small-bowel lesions in patients with obscure bleeding. PATIENTS(More)
BACKGROUND Infliximab, a chimeric monoclonal antibody to tumour necrosis factor-alpha, is a new potent therapy for active Crohn's disease, but induces short-lived improvements. AIM To evaluate the efficacy of thalidomide, a drug with anti-tumour necrosis factor-alpha activity, for the maintenance of infliximab-induced response in refractory Crohn's(More)
This paper presents a new analytical method for the generalized study of a cluster of single-stage power-factor correctors (SPFCs). Due to this generalized approach, new topologies have been obtained, and the study of other known topologies has been simplified. The new analytical method simplifies the design of SPFCs by making it possible to compare a large(More)
Passive current sharing in multiphase converters, where resistive losses are not dominant, is a quite complex goal. In this paper, an averaged model of an active clamp buck converter was obtained. It has been checked that this topology presents high output impedance. This property is used like a lossless passive equalization. The principle of operation,(More)
-Passive current sharing in multiphase converters, where resistive losses are not dominant, is a quite complex goal. In this work, input impedance of active clamp boost converters is used like a lossless passive equalization in multistage high power factor rectifier. This technique allows the design of high power converters by and easy parallel association(More)