José A. Rodríguez

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In this article we propose a local descriptor for an unconstrained handwritten word spotting task. The presented features are inspired by the SIFT keypoint descrip-tor, widely employed in computer vision and object recognition , but underexploited in the handwriting recognition field. In our approach, a sliding window moves from left to right over a word(More)
SnO 2 nanoribbons with exposed (1 0 1 h) and (0 1 0) surfaces have recently been demonstrated to be highly effective NO 2 sensors even at room temperature. The sensing mechanism is examined here through first principles density functional theory (DFT) calculations. We show that the most stable adsorbed species involve an unexpected NO 3 group doubly bonded(More)
Eggs are sources of protein, fats and micronutrients that play an important role in basic nutrition. However, eggs are traditionally associated with adverse factors in human health, mainly due to their cholesterol content. Nowadays, however, it is known that the response of cholesterol in human serum levels to dietary cholesterol consumption depends on(More)
–A technique that allows to locate defective elements in pla-nar arrays by using some samples of the degraded far-field power pattern is described. This approach uses genetic algorithms to minimize the square of the difference between the far-field power pattern obtained for a given configuration of failed elements and the measured one. The method also(More)
—An innovative method for antenna arrays beam configuration is presented. In the proposed method, every element of the array is connected to its feed through a switch, so that it can be active or passive, depending on the switch position. Pattern reconfigurability is achieved by appropriately switching on or off the array elements. The optimal configuration(More)
1 The analysis of systems executing a set of transactions composed by a number of tasks is required in some application domains, such as distributed systems or many audio/ video streaming systems. This paper deals with the time response analysis of such systems, considering periodic uniprocessor transactions, and tasks, characterized by their fixed priority(More)
An amperometric flow biosensor for oxalate determination in urine samples after enzymatic reaction with oxalate oxidase immobilized on a modified magnetic solid is described. The solid was magnetically retained on the electrode surface of an electrode modified with Fe (III)-tris-(2-thiopyridone) borate placed into a sequential injection system preceding the(More)
A method is presented for magnetic solid phase extraction of tartrazine from nonalcoholic beverages. The method involves the extraction and clean-up by activated carbon covered with magnetite dispersed in the sample, followed by the magnetic isolation and desorption of the analyte by basified methanol. The tartrazine eluted from the magnetic support was(More)
Let G = (V; E) be a simple, undirected graph. A subset U V is odd if the subgraph of G induced by U has an odd number of edges. For a xed integer k, when does the knowledge of the family of odd subsets of V having cardinality k allow the reconstruction of G? The answer is: whenever k jV j?2 and k 2 mod 4. The proof proceeds via the vector space homomorphism(More)
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