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The realization of medical diagnoses is the result of decisions taken by doctors, which consists in identifying the signs, symptoms, risk factors and medical background to determine the clinical diagnosis for patients. This process can be performed improperly due to factors such as inaccurate interpretation of information. This paper presents a(More)
Resumen. Este artículo propone un enfoque para el poblado automático de ontologías de perfiles académicos a partir de los textos, expedientes curriculares y resúmenes, de publicaciones científicas en español. El enfoque utiliza reglas semánticas y marcadores lingüísticos para extraer los individuos de clase, relaciones y valores de propiedad. Una evaluación(More)
In this paper, we describe the process by which web services ontologies are populated from a web services collection. The general approach relies on a global ontology model that is used to represent automatically web services. The model is enriched with web service instances classified into a taxonomy. The main idea is to extract taxonomic relations(More)
Clinical Decision Support on patients health outcomes can be performed from free text with Natural Language Processing techniques. However, it becomes a computational challenge due to the complexity of natural language. In recent years, several NLP-based approaches have been proposed to consider clinical decisions support. This paper presents a survey of(More)
Researchers need to establish networks with colleagues that work similar topics, frequently, they are looking similar works by exploring free text in scientific publications in order to update them with the recent state of the art. They read the abstracts and decide whether or not it is a related and relevant work. Therefore, this paper presents an approach(More)
The Techno Neuro Pedagogy System (TNPS) is a systemic process with interrelated activities that allows you to create environments that facilitate the mediation processes on knowledge construction in virtual environments. Similarly to life cycle in software development, it consists of eight phases: analysis, design, development, testing, implementation,(More)
Resumen. Este artículo presenta un enfoque basado en n-gramas de palabras para la clasificación automática de servicios Web utilizando una red neuronal artificial de tipo perceptrón multicapa. Los servicios Web contienen información de gran utilidad para lograr una clasificación basada en la funcionalidad del mismo. El enfoque se basa en n-gramas de(More)
The Rational Unified Process (RUP) as well as the related work embrace the importance of collaborative working teams during software development, but, user-interface designers and system analysts work in parallel or in sequential mode. However, this kind of relationship may not be effective, resulting on functional software but not meeting usability issues.(More)
Multi-agent communication represents a fundamental activity to enable efficient knowledge exchange towards the fulfillment of a shared goal. Achieve total automation of communication between intelligent agents is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. This is a problem that occurs when multiple highly heterogeneous agents participate in virtual(More)
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