José A. R. Vargas

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Aminoguanidine therapy delayed the onset of actively induced EAE in Lewis rats, but recovery was impaired in most animals. In the central nervous system this was correlated with persistent inflammation and production of proinflammatory cytokines. In the periphery of aminoguanidine-treated animals, T lymphocytes showed increased proliferation against myelin(More)
Use of CSF shunt devices is a common practice in neurosurgery, and infection of the shunt is the most frequent complication. In spite of the fact that bacteria are the most widely implicated pathogens, reports of fungal infections, especially due to Candida sp., have increased in recent years. Their reported frequency ranges between 6% and 17%. Many factors(More)
— In this paper, an on-line identification scheme is proposed to enhance the residual state error performance in face of disturbances. The proposed scheme is based on an e 1-modification adaptive law for the weights to approximate the unknown nonlinearities with bounded error. Besides, an identification model with feedback is introduced to improve the state(More)
This paper focuses on the stability and convergence analysis of a neuro-identification scheme for uncertain nonlinear systems. Based on linearly parameterized neural networks and the previous knowledge of upper bounds for the approximation error and disturbances, a robust modification of the descent gradient algorithm is proposed to make the overall(More)
In this paper, an identification scheme via extreme learning machine neural network is proposed. The proposed identification scheme ensures the convergence of the residual state error to zero and boundedness of all associated approximation errors, even in the presence of approximation error and disturbances. Lyapunov-like analysis using Barbalat's Lemma and(More)
— This paper considers the identification problem of nonlinear systems based on single-hidden-layer neural networks (SHLNNs) and Lyapunov theory. A nonlinearly parameterized neural model, whose weights are adjusted by robust adaptive laws, which are designed via Lyapunov theory, is proposed for ensuring the convergence of the residual state error to an(More)
Ocular myositis (OM) is a rare clinical entity characterized by idiopathic, nonspecific inflammation of primarily or exclusively extraocular muscles (EOM). Presentation usually encompasses painful diplopia, exacerbated by eye movement. We report two cases of idiopathic OM with unique characteristics. The first presented with pseudo-sixth nerve palsy due to(More)
    This paper presents an adaptive algorithm to synchronize unified chaotic systems in the presence of unknown system parameter and bounded disturbances. Based on Lyapunov-like analysis, an adaptive scheme is proposed to make the synchronization error asymptotically null. Simulation results are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility(More)