José A. Paredes

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The aim of this work is to propose an alternative way for wine classification and prediction based on an electronic nose (e-nose) combined with Independent Component Analysis (ICA) as a dimensionality reduction technique, Partial Least Squares (PLS) to predict sensorial descriptors and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for classification purpose. A total of(More)
This work analyses the effect of the receiver movement on the detection by pulse compression of different families of codes characterizing the emissions of an ultrasonic local positioning system. Three families of codes have been compared: Kasami, Complementary Sets of Sequences and Loosely Synchronous, considering in all cases three different lengths close(More)
In order to establish the reference intervals (RIs) of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets (PBL) in healthy adults in Lima (Peru), a cross-sectional study was conducted among blood donors taken in between 2011 and 2012. Based on the criteria obtained from the guidelines of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI C28-A3), 318 samples were(More)
Time-of-Flight cameras deals with distance measurements in a matrix, pixel by pixel. Every pixel, called smart pixel, makes use of analog technology to calculate correlations, and in such a way, it computes the phase difference between the emitted signal and the received one, both modulated in RF-range. The main drawback of these systems is their short(More)