José A. Oliveira

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Members of the Herpesviridae family have been implicated in a number of tumours in humans. At least 75% of the human population has had contact with cytomegalovirus (HCMV). In this work, we screened 75 Brazilian glioma biopsies for the presence of HCMV DNA sequences. HCMV DNA was detected in 36% (27/75) of the biopsies. It is possible that HCMV could be a(More)
Nowadays, the collection of separated solid waste for recycling is still an expensive process, specially when performed in large-scale. One main problem resides in fleet-management, since the currently applied strategies usually have low efficiency. The waste collection process can be modelled as a vehicle routing problem, in particular as a Team(More)
This paper describes the hybridization of an evolutionary algorithm with a greedy algorithm to solve a job-shop problem with recirculation. We model a real problem that arises within the domain of loads’ dispatch inside an automatic warehouse. The evolutionary algorithm is based on random key representation. It is very easy to implement and allows the use(More)
Gliomas of astrocytic origin are the most common primary brain tumors, accounting for over 40 to 50% of all central nervous system tumors. The TP53 tumor suppressor gene is the most frequently mutated gene found in human malignancies. A mutation of this gene can lead to an increased half-life of the resulting protein and loss of biological function. High(More)
Companies with high quality production systems like the automotive industry OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer), need to control the containers in which the raw materials are delivered onto the production lines to make sure quality standards are not breached. They commonly have to change the containers from their suppliers to special clean vessels.(More)