José A. Murphy

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Measurement of cosmic microwave background polarization is today a major goal of observational cosmology. The level of the signal to measure, however, makes it very sensitive to various systematic effects. In the case of Planck, which measures polarization by combining data from various detectors, the beam asymmetry can induce a temperature leakage or a(More)
Modelling studies have been carried out on the cellulose-based chiral stationary phase used to separate the enantiomers of three simple lactams. These studies have helped in understanding differences in the chromatographic behaviour of these molecules.
Various benzimidazole sulphoxides were chirally resolved employing an amylase-based chiral stationary phase. The structure-property relationships of these compounds were investigated using calculated physicochemical properties, molecular modelling and multivariate statistical techniques. A data set of 254 molecular descriptors was used to represent the(More)
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