José A. Lozano

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The home IT environment is one the most promising areas for telecom operators. Nowadays, home area networks (HAN) are composed of a variety of heterogeneous devices, such as computers, webcams, sensors, set-top-boxes, etc. A key element in a HAN is the home gateway: a device managing the different networks in the home environment. But the management of this(More)
One of the main challenges that the telecom industry is currently facing, is how to manage complex personal communication environments. These environments present an increasing number of varied devices such as computers, PDAs, webcams, Home gateway, sensors, etc. This implies a radical change from traditional telecommunication settings, composed of just a(More)
Five patients: three children, one adolescent, and one young adult, examined in an emergency room setting were diagnosed with post-traumatic transient cortical blindness. This syndrome is characterized by transient visual loss, normal pupillary response and normal funduscopic examination following minor head trauma. In each case, vision returned to normal(More)
This paper outlines the initial architectural results of WINMAN 1 , an European research and development project started in July 2000, whose aim is to offer an 1 The "WDM and IP Network Management (WINMAN)" [1] project is co-funded by the European Community under the IST Programme. The partners of the WINMAN consortium are: Lucent Technologies Netherlands,(More)
Nowadays, companies are becoming increasingly dependent on IT infrastructures as the automation of their business processes is widely supported by an ever growing number of software systems. However, the administration tasks of ensuring the proper functioning of system infrastructure are still a very labour intensive process that can put company's strategy(More)
Future, computation, storage and communication services will be highly pervasive: users' devices, smart objects, machines, platforms and the surrounding space will create a highly decentralized common pool of real and virtual resources interconnected by dynamic networks of networks. This trend, along with the evolutions of architecture of participations and(More)
Nowadays the number of services whose functionalities need to adapt across heterogeneous networks with different technological and administrative domains has substantially increased. Each domain involves different management procedures; therefore the comprehensive management of multi-domain services presents serious problems. This paper is focused in fault(More)
Nowadays broadband technologies have been introduced in millions of homes worldwide. They allow Services Providers to offer services with high bandwidth requirements, as IPTV. Essential for these services is the Quality of Experience (QoE) as it is perceived by the user. This paper presents a low cost device and a procedure to measure on-line the quality of(More)
Available data have led to a controversy on the relationship between human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and cutaneous malignant melanoma susceptibility or prognosis. Moreover, the influence of HLA-C on melanoma has not yet been well established. Therefore, the aim of the current study was to analyze the possible influence of the HLA system on melanoma(More)