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HLA-B*3905 is apparently restricted to Amerindian populations and presents a wide geographical distribution, from Mexico to Argentina. It differs from B*3901, one of the founder HLA class I alleles(More)
B*2704 and B*2706 are closely related HLA-B27 subtypes of which the former but not the latter is associated to ankylosing spondylitis. Their peptide specificity relative to other disease-associated(More)
HLA-B*3909 has only been found among South Amerindians, and presumably arose locally in these populations. It differs from B*3901 by a single Tyr to Ser change at position 99. To analyze the(More)
The peptide specificity of HLA-B*1403, an allotype associated with ankylosing spondylitis (Lopez-Larrea, C., Mijiyawa, M., Gonzalez, S., Fernandez-Morera, J. L., Blanco-Gelaz, M. A., Martinez-Borra,(More)