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Schizophrenia patients are often impaired in their memory for emotional events compared with healthy subjects. Investigations of the neural correlates of emotional memory in schizophrenia patients are scarce in the literature. The present study aimed to compare cerebral activations in schizophrenia patients and healthy controls during memory retrieval of(More)
It is accepted that the activity of the vehicle pedals (i.e., throttle, brake, clutch) reflects the driver's behavior, which is at least partially related to the fuel consumption and vehicle pollutant emissions. This paper presents a solution to estimate the driver activity regardless of the type, model, and year of fabrication of the vehicle. The solution(More)
BACKGROUND Sex differences in visuo-spatial abilities have been well documented in the general population, but there are only a few inconsistent reports in schizophrenia. The purpose of the present study was to examine potential sex differences in performance and pattern of brain activations during mental rotation in schizophrenia patients relative to(More)
In this paper, a new method of classification and localization of reflectors, using the time-of-flight (TOF) data obtained from ultrasonic transducers, is presented. The method of classification and localization is based on Generalized Principal Component Analysis (GPCA) applied to the TOF values obtained from a sensor that contains four ultrasound emitters(More)
A practical dynamical model of an efficient Simple Genetic Algorithm is presented, introducing in the matrix of the Nix and Vose Markov model a practical postulate related to the schema theorem, that induces deterministic correction factors in the matrix, through Heaviside´s unitary step function. This alteration permits SGA to evolve by efficient(More)
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