José A. Jiménez

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Inbreeding is known to lead to decreased survival and reproduction in captive populations of animals. It is also important to know whether inbreeding has deleterious effects in natural habitats. An estimate was made of the effects of inbreeding in white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis, derived from a wild population. This study demonstrates(More)
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning is a fundamental topic in Artificial Intelligence. Different systems exist to help to teach this, usually focused on proofs, but anyone on formalization, which is the hardest process for students to understand in logic and AI courses. In this work we present FITS (Formalization with an Intelligent Tutor System), the(More)
A practical dynamical model of an efficient Simple Genetic Algorithm is presented, introducing in the matrix of the Nix and Vose Markov model a practical postulate related to the schema theorem, that induces deterministic correction factors in the matrix, through Heaviside´s unitary step function. This alteration permits SGA to evolve by efficient(More)
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