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  • J C Rosales, P A García-Sánchez, J I García-García, J A Jiménez, Madrid Communicated, Jimmie D Lawson
  • 2003
We study the set of numerical semigroups containing a given numerical semi-group. As an application we prove characterizations of irreducible numerical semigroups that unify some of the existing characterizations for symmetric and pseudo-symmetric numerical semigroups. Finally we describe an algorithm for computing a minimal decomposition of a numerical(More)
A practical dynamical model of an efficient Simple Genetic Algorithm is presented, introducing in the matrix of the Nix and Vose Markov model a practical postulate related to the schema theorem, that induces deterministic correction factors in the matrix, through Heaviside´s unitary step function. This alteration permits SGA to evolve by efficient(More)
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