José A. González

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AIM OF THE STUDY We studied traditional knowledge (TK) and current uses of medicinal plants among the inhabitants of the Arribes del Duero-ARD-(Spain), documenting traditional medical practices. MATERIALS AND METHODS We interviewed 80 key informants (44 men and 36 women). Their average age was 72 years (range 48-98 years). We calculated the cultural(More)
Ecosystem service assessments have increasingly been used to support environmental management policies, mainly based on biophysical and economic indicators. However, few studies have coped with the social-cultural dimension of ecosystem services, despite being considered a research priority. We examined how ecosystem service bundles and trade-offs emerge(More)
When unequal-mass black holes merge, the final black hole receives a kick due to the asymmetric loss of linear momentum in the gravitational radiation emitted during the merger. The magnitude of this kick has important astrophysical consequences. Recent breakthroughs in numerical relativity allow us to perform the largest parameter study undertaken to date(More)
Currently, traditional ethnoveterinary practices are rare in Europe and the plants used previously have been replaced by the modern drugs used by national veterinary services. However, in some rural areas of the Mediterranean basin these traditional practices persist. Here we analyze the plant resources still used, or that have been used up until recently,(More)
The Galápagos petrel (Pterodroma phaeopygia) is endemic to the Galápagos archipelago, where it is known to breed only on five islands. The species has been listed as critically endangered due to habitat deterioration and predation by introduced mammals. Significant morphological and behavioural differences among petrels nesting on different islands suggest(More)
We estimate the effect on business start-ups of a program that significantly speeds up firm registration procedures. The program was implemented in Mexico in different municipalities at different dates. Our estimates suggest that new start-ups increased by about 4% in eligible industries, and we present evidence that this is a causal effect. Most of the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of feature compensation in the log-spectral domain by using the missing-data (MD) approach to noise robust speech recognition, that is, the log-spectral features can be either almost unaffected by noise or completely masked by it. First, a general MD framework based on minimum mean square error (MMSE) estimation is(More)
Recent calculations of the recoil velocity in binary black-hole mergers have found the kick velocity to be of the order of a few hundred km/s in the case of nonspinning binaries and about 500 km/s in the case of spinning configurations, and have lead to predictions of a maximum kick of up to 1300 km/s. We test these predictions and demonstrate that kick(More)
We describe a modification of a fourth-order accurate “moving puncture” evolution code, where by replacing spatial fourth-order accurate differencing operators in the bulk of the grid by a specific choice of sixth-order accurate stencils we gain significant improvements in accuracy. We illustrate the performance of the modified algorithm with an equal-mass(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS One of the most frequent complications in patients with cancer and malnutrition is the surgical wound healing delay or failure. Some studies have shown that arginine improves wound healing in rodents and in healthy human beings. The main objective of this study was to assess the effect of early postoperative enteral immunonutrition on the(More)