José A. García Gutiérrez

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Basically, in (one-player) war Real Time Strategy (wRTS) games a human player controls, in real time, an army consisting of a number of soldiers and her aim is to destroy the opponent's assets where the opponent is a virtual (i.e., non-human player controlled) player that usually consists of a pre-programmed decision-making script. These scripts have(More)
In general Evolutionary Computation (EC) includes a number of optimization methods inspired by biological mechanisms of evolution. The methods catalogued in this area use the Darwinian principles of life evolution to produce algorithms that returns high quality solutions to hard-to-solve optimization problems. The main strength of EC is that they provide(More)
The continuous increase in the availability of data of any kind, coupled with the development of networks of high-speed communications, the popularization of cloud computing and the growth of data centers and the emergence of high-performance computing does essential the task to develop techniques that allow more efficient data processing and analyzing of(More)
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