José A. García Gutiérrez

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  • Roberto Barchino, José R Hilera, Luis De-Marcos, José M Gutiérrez, Salvador Otón, José A Gutiérrez +2 others
  • 2011
A learning design is the result of the description of a teaching-learning process. It implies the consideration of aspects such as the context in which teaching is being developed, the most suitable teaching method in this context, the necessary resources, the contents of the training activity, or the assessment criteria. IMS-LD is a specification which(More)
SUMMARY Computer-aided tools can be built to give support to different usability evaluation techniques, reducing some of their costs. These tools are complementary to existing fully automated ones, which are limited to the evaluation of external attributes. In this work, a generic model for questionnaire-based usability evaluation is described, along with(More)
Previous research has resulted in generalizations of the capabilities of object-oriented database models and query languages to cope with imprecise and uncertain information in several ways, informed by previous research in fuzzy relational databases. As a result, a number of models and techniques to integrate fuzziness in its various facets in object data(More)
Basically, in (one-player) war Real Time Strategy (wRTS) games a human player controls, in real time, an army consisting of a number of soldiers and her aim is to destroy the opponent's assets where the opponent is a virtual (i.e., non-human player controlled) player that usually consists of a pre-programmed decision-making script. These scripts have(More)
In general Evolutionary Computation (EC) includes a number of optimization methods inspired by biological mechanisms of evolution. The methods catalogued in this area use the Darwinian principles of life evolution to produce algorithms that returns high quality solutions to hard-to-solve optimization problems. The main strength of EC is that they provide(More)
1. Summary In the steel industry many technologies are applied in order to optimise the cost of the production process and to improve the quality of the final product. Despite these efforts, there are still areas where the parameters of the process are established by subjective evaluations. More specifically, this is the case in the slag characterisation(More)
⎯ Teaching Ethics at Engineering and Computer Science at the European Universities is a essential for two reasons: we want students to do their job well as a service to the society, and more and more professional associations require it as part of their accreditation as a computer scientist (IEEE-CS, ACM). In this paper we are going to explain several(More)
  • Roberto Barchino, José M Gutiérrez, Salvador Otón, José J Martínez, José R Hilera, José A Gutiérrez
  • 2006
Using e-learning systems in education is becoming, without doubt, a more and more used learning method. It is being used in universities or in higher education centres, and also in organizations which look for a correct and continuous formation of their employees. One of the basic activities of this type of education is the process of learning evaluation,(More)
Despite the fact that the circadian variations in the density of striatal dopaminergic D2 receptors are well documented, there are few reports concerning whether these variations may regulate the extrapyramidal symptoms produced by antipsychotic drugs. To test this hypothesis, we selected 18 male hospitalized schizophrenic subjects, who had been treated for(More)