José A. Diniz

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BACKGROUND This study examines associations between perceptions of neighbourhood environment and physical activity and sports within Portuguese adolescents. METHODS The sample consisted of 4,877 individuals of both genders, with an average age of 14 years. The instrument used was the Health Behavior School-aged Children questionnaire. RESULTS(More)
In a blended education context, Learning Management Systems (LMS) can be thought to integrate collaborative and interactive learning activities; this, however, requires a strong institutional and sociocultural commitment from all stakeholders. Consequently, an empirical study that aims at identifying learners' profiles and uses them as an optimization(More)
The multidisciplinary field of human-computer interaction can be seen as an open-ended concept used to refer to the understanding of different relationships between people (users) and computers. The pedagogical planning within the blended learning environment with the users' quality of interaction (QoI) with the Learning Management System (LMS) is explored(More)