José A. Cobos

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—Single winding self-driven synchronous rectification (SWSDSR) approach is a new driving circuit that overcomes the limitations of the traditional driving schemes, becoming an interesting alternative to supply new electronic loads as microprocessors. Traditional self-driven synchronous rectification (SDSR) technique has shown very good performance to(More)
—The boost topology with ripple cancellation network allows input and output current ripples attenuation, which means the suppression of the input filter and a high reduction of the output filter. However, to achieve the ripple cancellation, the complexity and the number of components of the converter need to be increased as compared with the conventional(More)
—Piezoelectric transformers (PTs) provide several advantages compared to magnetic components, which are higher power density, lower radiated noise, and higher voltage isolation capability. PT must be properly designed to benefit the power converter with the aforementioned advantages. Analytical models are widely used for PT design in order to validate it(More)
This paper represents a comparative study of isolated resonant topologies for photovoltaic application such as half bridge, full bridge and push pull topology. The performance of these topologies is analyzed with the help of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique. The stressful behavior of the switches is reduced by soft switching technique. So, the primary(More)