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—Single winding self-driven synchronous rectification (SWSDSR) approach is a new driving circuit that overcomes the limitations of the traditional driving schemes, becoming an interesting alternative to supply new electronic loads as microprocessors. Traditional self-driven synchronous rectification (SDSR) technique has shown very good performance to(More)
—Piezoelectric transformers (PTs) provide several advantages compared to magnetic components, which are higher power density, lower radiated noise, and higher voltage isolation capability. PT must be properly designed to benefit the power converter with the aforementioned advantages. Analytical models are widely used for PT design in order to validate it(More)
This paper presents the modeling and control of a DC/DC bidirectional converter suitable for medium voltage and power applications in Multi-Terminals HVDC (MT-HVDC) grids. Moreover its use as DC circuit-breaker is described. This is a new concept, against the contemporary studies of DC breakers, which could help for the implementation of MT-HVDC networks.(More)