José A. Cobos

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The combination of non-linear control and linear control proposed in [1] provides very fast transient response (voltage step from 1 V to 1.5 V in 2 μs). This non-linear control is based on hysteretic control of the Cout current. This system is very sensitive to effects like aging, temperature, input and output voltage variation, etc., that modify the(More)
Single winding self-driven synchronous rectification (SWSDSR) approach is a new driving circuit that overcomes the limitations of the traditional driving schemes, becoming an interesting alternative to supply new electronic loads as microprocessors. Traditional self-driven synchronous rectification (SDSR) technique has shown very good performance to improve(More)
1 P. Zumel is currently with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 2 A. de Castro is currently with Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Abstract— Some of the recent applications in the field of the power supplies use multiphase converters to achieve fast dynamic response, smaller input/output filters or better packaging. Typically, these converters have several(More)